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The Next Frontier in WordPress And WooCommerce_ Trends for 2022 And Beyond

The Next Frontier in WordPress and WooCommerce: Trends for 2022 And Beyond

July 29, 2022

WordPress and WooCommerce: Trends for 2022

The immensely popular WordPress started as a blogging site in 2003. It has evolved into one of the biggest content management systems (CMS). It supports almost 60,000 free plugins and thousands more paid. Among these, WooCommerce is the most popular plugin, so much so that 20.4% of all WordPress websites use WooCommerce. They are constantly updated and 2022 has some great updates in store.

As a leading WordPress development company, we bring to you some of the biggest WordPress and WooCommerce trends at the moment. If you run an online shop on WordPress or use the WooCommerce plugin, read on!

1. Shopping Powered by AR

Augmented Reality (AR) and shopping make a combination. This is because users can try on the product, place the product in a certain environment and more with this tech. Major brands like Ikea have incorporated it into their user experience. 2022 can see a host of different plugins supporting AR.

2. Improve Speed and Performance

A study by Google shows that the chances of a consumer moving on to a different page are almost 90% if it takes more than 5 seconds to load. Improving the performance of your website is a crucial component of bringing in and retaining customers. Plugins that make your page mobile responsive and load faster are a thing to look out for. Smart Content loading is also trending as they prioritize speed.

WooCommerce plugin themes like Flatsome, Woostroid, and Kallyas are designed to be mobile responsive, among other features like drag and drop functionality, SEO infrastructures and ease of use.

3. Voice Search over Typing

Voice search is no longer a new technology. We use it every day for convenience. From Google search queries to commands for Alexa, voice searches are becoming a norm and something users actively seek. A study shows that almost 71% of consumers prefer voice search instead of typing. Add this feature to your arsenal for increased convenience and customer retention.

4. Personalized Content Based on History and Location

Having a website that is customized to each customer is a sure-shot investment that will pay off. A study by Forrester shows that 81% of websites are investing in personalization. 4 out of every 5 companies also reported an uplift since implementing it. Product recommendations based on search history and location makes for shorter sales routes and customer retention.

5. Chatbots Rule 2022

This is a quirky little tech that is changing the way customers interact with businesses. A chatbot is available 24×7 to the customer and gives intelligent responses to queries. A study shows that 42& companies use a chatbot on their website. It can result in response rates up to 90%, states another study. It has become a must-have for businesses these days.

When it comes to chatbot plugins for WooCommerce, options like Facebook Messenger for WooCommerce, Omise and WooWBot are great, to begin with.

Implement These Trends Today!

Want to take advantage of trends that are making waves in the ecommerce landscape? Partner with an expert WooCommerce development company in the USA and India like Techcronus. Get in touch with us to know how we can help you reap the benefits of these trends.

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