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What is Microsoft Power apps and How to easily use them with Microsoft dynamics 365?

June 30, 2021

Microsoft initiated Power Apps, which allows developers and non-technical users to build mobile apps using selectable templates. In Microsoft Azure, the built-on development tools target non-technical users to create, manage and share business on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. The main objective of PowerApps enables business users to build new capabilities without the need for code expertise. 

PowerApps in office 365 connects to various Microsoft based and third-party apps. It includes SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server, and One Drive in Office 365 productivity suite. It also connects with Google Docs, SAP, Oracle, Google Docs, Dynamics CRM, and Oracle. Application programming interface enables data connections and host on Microsoft Azure.

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Does PowerApps right fit your needs?

Well, if you’re looking to choose the right type of app and want to learn new and advanced software features, this is for you. PowerApps offer an end-user tool for prebuilt templates and simplistic scenarios. They are used to build apps from scratch with starting with a blank template.

To get hands as a professional programmer, one can use the Dynamic 365 Power App. With this, one can rapidly create robust apps without low-level coding required. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power app can be used for sales, services, marketing, field services, and talent built natively. One can develop their custom line of business applications. With using Azure cloud services to scale personal use to enterprise-level and running both desktop and mobile devices.

Mainly we find two types of applications like Canvas and Model-driven. Let’s brief the two Microsoft Power Platform.

Canvas Application

It’s built without code and configured using a drag and drop UI. It offers users control high-level over the user experience and makes the interface clean and intuitive. The applications used are simple, like submitting an expense report to connect both Microsoft and non-Microsoft data sources.

Model-Driven Apps

They are apps build on Microsoft Dynamic 365 framework and connect commonly as a data source. The application is suited for building complex and multi-functions UX interface.

By major corporations and top-tier consulting firms today, PowerApps is been used. For example, Microsoft and Accenture is a joint venture used as a global IT consulting. They have thousands of employees who created smartphone apps using PowerApps. The dynamic 365 power app is used to store data and manage separate applications like literature in SharePoint and appointments in outlook calendars.

Check below the capabilities of apps built using Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution provider using Microsoft PowerApps.

  • One can search through the document knowledge base stored in Power Apps in Office 365 from a smartphone and add comments on articles.
  • Users can schedule appointments and update the availability automatically in Dynamics 365 Resource scheduling application.
  • Onboard employees with getting information on the go. One can see login credentials, securely transmitting the data to a new smartphone.
  • With this, get detailed step-by-step instructions with easy-to-understand pictures. Improve manufacturing workers in a factory floor shop. Also, improve quality control, federal regulations, and adherence to the state.

Capture customer sign-off when they leave for home, update data back to the dynamic 365 power app for finance and operations, and serve as a backup to get subsequent billing.

Above examples shows that there is no limit to the efficiency gains that can achieve by linking customer, vendors, workforces, database, emails, administration, etc. Imagine doing all these on the cloud using the mobile application.

What is Microsoft Dataverse? How can we store or build our data in Microsoft Dataverse?

Advantages for creating and deploying solutions with Power apps in office 365

  • Get any time anywhere access

As everyone now has a mobile device with them all time so get access from anywhere.

  • Get Global Microsoft cloud capabilities

As everything is cloud-based one needn’t design, install, purchase, and maintain own computer network infrastructure.

  • Get Data Connectors availability

Get quick integration using disparate services from different SaaS providers.

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How to make external connections using PowerApps?

PowerApps are quite useful and cool. Therefore, it’s used to develop significant applications make up by dynamic 365. They extend the process within power apps in office 365. It bridges the gap between applications and organizations within the continuous business process. They connect to data and applications using various methods available to incorporate data in PowerApps creations. Few methods include:

  • Entities: It’s a part of Microsoft’s common data service for Apps.
  • Option Sets: It adds a drop-down list with fixed values, including one or two apps.
  • Data Integration adds a more complex data interface configured with either a data integrator or new Microsoft Data Integration.
  • Connections: It allows us to connect with cloud services using the Internet.
  • Customer Connectors: It works similar to connections.
  • Gateways: It’s well-known as on-premise data gateways and runs as a windows service.

However, if you’re looking to install and configure on-premise data connect with our team and get a possible solution. We help to embed your applications if you’re currently using SharePoint and Teams. Get ready for an excellent drive with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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