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Why you need to use .NET Core instead of ASP.NET?

March 24, 2021

After Microsoft announces .Net Core development and Asp.Net framework, one may wonder which is better. In recent years, the .Net technology is becoming popular across niches and among developers with increasing demand for skilled developers. ASP.Net core development is a cross-platform and open-source framework developed for building modern, internet-connected, and cloud-based applications. ASP.Net Framework mainly works on the windows system with playing a crucial role by providing interoperability across OS systems such as Linux, macOS, and Xamarin framework.

Before moving on with the article, let’s discuss the differences between .Net Framework and .Net core along with their respective benefits.

.Net architecture comes with a common language specification (CLS) that defines the implementation of the objects that run anywhere. CLS is an essential subset of the common type system (CTS), which commonly describes all types.

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Other critical components of .Net architecture are the framework class library (FCL) that uses the standard library, which can collect and reuse interface classes using different value types.

A next component is a virtual machine known as common language runtime (CLR) used for running Framework and taking care of the execution of all .Net programs.

When it comes to loading with Visual studio, .Net architecture helps develop independent applications, websites using interactive elements, and dynamic web applications.

Understand the difference .Net core vs ASP.Net Framework

Both .Net core development and ASP.Net framework are maintained by Microsoft and built on the same runtime for developing .Net applications.

ASP. Net Core Development

  • .Net core comes with better support
  • Both are both to live in a container.
  • .Net Core is much faster when compared to ASP.Net Framework.
  • .Net core is mainly designed to keep in mind today’s needs.
  • .Net core is the future of .Net
  • It comes with a learning curve.
  • It uses a centric web application with .Net Framework until .net core catches it.

ASP.Net Framework

  • Docker Supported containers
  • They use Microservices
  • Heavily rely on the command line
  • Use cross-platform needs
  • Have windows client application that uses windows forms and WPF
  • User interface centric web application
  • Have existing experienced .Net team
  • Time is not an issue; experiments are acceptable and deployed.
  • It uses a stable version for the immediate need for building and deploying.

Should migrate to .Net core is better?

If you’re wondering how migrating to .Net core is better than ASP.Net Framework, then have a quick look at the .Net core benefits.

  • Cross-Platform Support

If your app needs to run across multiple platforms like Linux, Windows and macOS, then .Net Core is a better option. It offers CLI (command line interpreter), which supports all platforms.

  • Performance and Scalability

Microsoft recommends using .Net core instead of ASP.Net core as it offers the best scale and performance. It becomes essential to get scalability and efficiency, translating to a better user experience and cost savings.

  • Service-Oriented Architecture

The applications are comprised of smaller and modular business services which run a unique process by deploying independently. It allows mixing technology with minimizing each microservice. The container and microservice architecture are used together for having lightness and modularity.

  • Multiple .Net versions side-by-side

There are multiple services available that run on the same server using different versions of .Net.

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The future is nowhere far!

Make your plans with .Net Core which is the future for multi-platform applications. It offers new native features which support the traditional Framework. .Net core does not support existing app types for migration where they integrate tightly with Windows OS and plan for challenges.

To conclude, .Net core is a more robust and equipped technology ready to use in all development scenarios. Whereas on the other hand, the .Net Framework is a popular framework with a larger presence across a multitude of apps. It depends on your specific development needs from which you can choose between two .Net technologies that work best for you.

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