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Check Out Some Of The Easiest Ways To Develop Android Apps

December 20, 2021

According to a study conducted in 2020, you will find nearly 2.87 million apps on the Google App store. One of the reasons businesses and brands are considering creating mobile applications is to improve their sales and develop brand recognition.


Besides, mobile applications help brands and businesses build up brand loyalty and create strong customer engagement. In short, mobile app development is an eye-opener to many businesses and brands. To create a robust and navigable android app, you can hire android developer in India. If you are looking for reliable android app developer, we are here to help you.

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Therefore, today businesses and brands have felt the need for android app developments. Whether you hire professional developers for Android app development or do it yourself, there are a lot of stages involved in the process. In this article, we will divide the process of mobile app development into the following phases:

  • Start developing Android apps
  • Android apps for phones and tablets
  • Hybrid app development
  • App development for beginners
  • Native app development for Google
  • Basic android app development
  • Free android app development
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Now, let’s look at each of the processes individually

Start developing Android apps

When it comes to coding, Android developers generally begin with the Android Software Development Kit. First, you have to install the Android Studio program. However, you can use other android development software also. If the other apps you use are devoid of the Android SDK, the Android Studio will automatically download them.

You should download and keep the Android emulator on your system. This will help you to run the APK app on it and make you analyze the results. Besides, the emulator also features the Android Studio program. However, Java is considered the standard programming language when it comes to Android coding programs.

Android apps for phones and tablets

While designing mobile apps for phones and tablets, the very first thing you need to consider is the size of the screen. Plenty of smartphones and tablets are running on the Android version. Also, the size of these phones varies from one another. Therefore, while developing the Android app, you have to ensure that these apps work perfectly on every device, irrespective of the size of the screen.

You can’t develop different designs for different platforms. Instead, you can develop a responsive mobile application design that works on every platform. Right from smartphones to tablets to other devices, the mobile app should be able to function equally in all places.

Hybrid app development

To get a wider audience reach, it is better to develop a mobile app that works on both the Android and iOS platforms. However, since it is pretty expensive to develop mobile apps for both platforms, it is advised to choose the hybrid app development option to make it run seamlessly both on iOS and Android.

The reasons to choose hybrid app development are many. First, cross-platform apps are easier to develop and can be dealt with at ease. Moreover, the cost of developing a hybrid app will be much less than that of developing two separate apps for Android and iOS.

App development for beginners

Every business or brand is looking for a reliable custom application development company to develop their business’s mobile apps. However, if you cannot find a trustworthy and skilled mobile app development, you have to initiate the process on your own.

There are five steps to developing a mobile app. First, it is essential to learn a programming language, preferably JavaScript or Kotlin. Next, to formulate coding, download the Android Studio for Android development. Then, open the Studio to create your project and start coding. Next, to make the app user-friendly, look for easily navigable layouts. The final step here will be to gather the backend and front-end of your mobile app.

Native app development for Google

If you have some doubts about the coding process or have not yet found any reliable Android developer, you have to look for some app builders. With their help, you can develop professional apps without any special skills. Therefore, you can develop a mobile app at a meager cost.

Basic android app development

You will come across several online app builders that will help you develop your business’s Android app according to your needs. Although these online android app builders offer the essential functions for free, most are restricted and offer limited functionality.

Free android app development

Presently, various platforms have been developed that can allow you to develop Android apps for free. The different platforms for creating an Android app development are as follows:

  • Appy pie – This app maker offers simple templates to formulate the creation and development of apps. With this builder, you can create a mobile app in just three steps.
  • AppMachine – With this builder, you can alter your content into an Android and iOS mobile app. For designing and promotion, this is one of the best tools.
  • AppInstitute – This tool allows you to develop Android and iOS mobile apps. It can create a user-friendly mobile app and impart all the features that can make your app a functional one.
  • Wix – In Wix, developers can now create an extremely customizable platform to create an Android app for free.
  • Good Barber – With the Good barber, you can create native mobile apps or other progressive apps which can run smoothly on any device.
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Now that you have understood the various ways by which you can create a mobile app development effortlessly do not delay any more. Instead, avail our Android app development policies and your business is sure to thrive with one of the top custom application development company in India.

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