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How Tableau Can Help in Advanced Analytics Projects?

February 18, 2022

The world runs on data and every organization worth its salt is vying for a share of this immense pie. To augment their capabilities in trying to understand information better, companies are investing heavily into resources, both in tools and manpower. This has also coincided with the Tableau Development in IndiaNot to be left behind by the rest of the world, Data Analytics Services are becoming an integral part of every vertical.

In this article, we will have a look at how Tableau can help in providing the wherewithal organizations need to make informed decisions.

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Firstly, In a whole lot of numbers, it is pertinent to segregate only the ones that matter. Filtering the data and then placing it in their correct places is what data scientists excel in. That’s why mostly expert prefer Tableau. It allows drag and drops segmentation along with cohort analysis. This drag and drop facilitates the creation of a dashboard that gives an easy overview of the knowledge the management and decision-makers would require.

For example, let us talk about the sales break up of mobile phones across the Middle East. However, for a better understanding, we would need the region-wise breakup. Tableau does exactly that. It gives a narrowed-down chart of numbers along with regions that will specify the exact sales figures along with the models sold. Data Analytics Services thrive on details and Tableau does it better. As a result, dashboard will be interactive.


Secondly, The flexibility that the front end of Tableau provides to a data scientist is unparalleled. The powerful input capabilities allow the user to modify calculations faster and accurately. It also helps them to test the various scenarios that may appear. Marketing and Sales Departments must then formulate separate strategies to create room for their product and build a campaign around it.

Parameters lead the calculations while selecting data that are beneficial for correct analysis. The dashboard, as mentioned previously, is an interactive medium with modifiable data fields. Parameters also allow interactive data reporting. Data reporting is a vital part of any data analysis. We can easily customize it as per customer’s wish. Most data analytics services ensure that their reporting is as per the understanding of the client. Tableau has a powerful data reporting engine that is robust and scalable.

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Further more, Data analytics is all about calculations. The greater the segregations the more complex the calculations are. There are times when organizations would want to forecast the sales and growth of their company. It might even be the case for governments who would want to know beforehand the growth of the manufacturing sector and where they might stand five or ten years down the line.

Tableau’s vigorous calculation program allows the user to undertake the most complex of calculations with the most unstructured forms of data. It makes it easy to augment the analysis with subjective calculations and perform data manipulations with specific expressions. With the data provided, Tableau can perform arithmetic operations, logical calculations, specialized operations as well as a host of others. It comes with two capabilities that make it a sought-after tool for data analytics: Level of Details (LOD) and Table Expressions.

Time Series is the basis of most of the calculations globally. With this method, it is easy to analyze data.  Tableau supports rich time-series analysis. Most kinds of calculations and sampling of data can be done with a robust interface.

Visualization of data is also a necessary part of data analysis. Tableau has a rich set of visualization tools that enable the user to correctly read and understand the output. You can adjust all sampling using just a click of mouse. The data can be easily disaggregated or viewed in a new window. To search for interesting patterns one can drill it even further down. To search for seasonality one can even change aggregation frequencies over disparate timescales. This can also be done based on year on year or month on month basis. Tableau offers a wide range of options for data analysts

Predictive Analysis

The capability of any data analytics tool can be gauged by its predictive performance. Predictive analysis lies at the heart of any data analysis. Tableau has a host of native modeling capabilities which assist data scientists and analysts to find trends and forecast patterns. All this can be done by simply modifying data and filters. The intuitive data visualization makes it easier. We can add trend line quickly with a single click. The entire analytics is integrated with the front end and can be easily segmented.

Predictive analysis is a sought-after capability globally since organizations look for advanced intelligence about the markets and consumer behavior.


R is one of the leading data analysis languages in the world with a vast community of enthusiasts and users. There is an R plugin that helps experts to leverage previous data analysis reports and calculations across platforms to help them come to a calculated conclusion. This feature gives Tableau immense attractive power amongst those who are yet to decide on which data analysis tool to work with.

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With the burgeoning field of Data Analytics Services, Tableau development in India is set for robust growth. Loaded with features and capabilities, it is a tool that essentially is a game-changer in the world of data analytics.

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