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How To Begin With Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) App Development?

April 10, 2019

Fantasy sports has gained a lot of traction around the globe since many years. Thanks to increasing popularity of sports, fantasy sports app development is playing a vital role in connecting players with real life sports. People who love sports are crazy about fantasy sports apps not just because of the sports gaming experience but also for its ability to offer lucrative benefits in terms of sign-up bonuses, cash prizes, and more.

Nowadays, people play football, cricket, tennis, basketball and many other games in their smartphones.Gaming experts have concluded that due to technological advancements,fantasy sports apps have played a crucial role in driving a deeper connectivity between players and real-life sports.

What is Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)?

Daily Fantasy Sports known as DFS is an online sports game in which a player is an owner of sports team or sports players. Using a website or a mobile app, player builds a virtual team which includes real players who are playing the game across different sports and leagues like NFL, NBA, MLB, Champions League, IPL and more.

Daily Fantasy Sports App turns real-time games into points and thus cash prizes for the fantasy team owner. The DFS apps are usually available as a website or mobile application on iOS and Android devices.

Some of the most commonly available features in DFS apps are:
  • Create a league and compete against your friend, co-workers or other players
  • View the team and player stats incl. box score, salary, injury status, latest news etc. to make a right pick
  • Pick your favorite team or players in-app or take expert advice on the same
  • Analyze match ups and see when your players are on the field with Key Stats
  • View live score updates and real-time leader board to track your winnings
  • Cash out the money you have earned directly to your bank account

Why Is Fantasy Sports Application Development So Popular?


Fantasy sports is already a big industry worldwide. Fantasy Sports Trade Association stated that online business of fantasy sports is worth $10 billion worldwide which is quite a big market. Many fantasy sports gaming companies have managed to raise $1 billion+as part of venture capital investments. Some of the well-known examples are, FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, ESPN Fantasy Sports.

Let us check some interesting insights about fantasy sports market around the globe. As the sports world is making progress and improvements each day, fantasy sports industry is also growing significantly.

According to recent reports, the growth rate of the industry is expected to range between 40-60% year over year. With this high percentage of growth rate, it is expected that fantasy sports user base will cross 100 million by 2020. Due to increasing demand and popularity of online gaming and e-sports, Fantasy sports industry is now on its peak. It is expected that by year 2020, fantasy sports will become a $17 billion industry.


Having seen such a huge market potential,entrepreneurs who are engaged into sports industry are teaming up with software development companies to develop and launch daily fantasy sports gaming applications using native app development approach.

No matter what monetization strategy you take up, this aspect of the sports app development is worth exploring and becoming rich by launching a successful DFS product in the market.

Want to get your game developed by US ?

1. Splash: Splash screen with promo images and content

2. Signup and Login: Signup / Login with Email or Facebook

3. Create Contents / Tournaments: Create contests by setting contest type, name, entry fee, prize pool, registration deadline etc.

4. Join Contests / Tournaments: Join contests by selecting your favorite team / player. Set confidence level and spread / odds for each selection. Purchase tokens to enter a contest

5. Live Score: View real-time score updates of your selected teams / players for the ongoing matches. Also see your selections in GREEN / RED if they are WINNING / LOSING

6. Leaderboard : Interactive leaderboard to track your rank and prize earned. Also see the selections of other players participating in the same contest

7. Match Highlights and Game Analysis: Key analytics to measure how you played in past and strategize for future games. Analyze your selections, confidence levels and odds

8. History: Keep a track of all contests / tournaments you have played along with your token purchase and cash out history

9. Choose Subscription: Start with a free trial having limited access to get a pool of users signing up in the app. Options for Weekly/Monthly/Yearly subscription to unlock full access of the app

10. Push Notifications: Maximize the user engagement in your app by informing them about upcoming contests, prize won, subscription renewal or getting to play with their friends via push notifications

11. News and Featured Articles: Showcase latest sports news, podcasts and videos with teaser content for users to spend more time in the app

12. Backend Administration: A robust admin panel from where app owner can control users, subscriptions, contests, payouts, content, notifications and more.

How to Develop A Fantasy Sports Gaming App?

Looking at the huge market potential and plenty of ways to monetize the mobile app, it’s time to go forward with your Fantasy Sports App Development. It is important to note that there are many fantasy sports app platforms exist in the market and you need offer unique features and benefits to the users for launching a successful product.

Working with an experienced fantasy sports app developer like Techcronus is the only way to ensure that there are no hurdles in your fantasy sports application development journey. We are one of the top fantasy sports app development companies offering native mobile app development as well as custom web development services in India and USA. Connect with us to get started with your fantasy sports application development needs.

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