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Why Do Businesses Prefer Native App Development Over Web App Development?

Why Do Businesses Prefer Native App Development Over Web App Development?

April 12, 2019

Today, majority of the businesses depend on mobile applications to serve their customers. Many industries choose mobile apps because of its promise to provide efficient results and improved customer experience as compared to websites or web apps. In this mobile era, companies are giving significant focus on having mobile applications as millennial prefer having mobile apps for everything. In this article, we will see why businesses prefer native app development over web app development.

Have doubts about choosing native over web ?

Native apps are much more interactive

When it comes to native apps, the factor of interaction is prominent. The users get better UI animations using native application development. Users can opt to native apps over web apps for interactive design and better navigation throughout the device.

The smoothness of your native application can enhance the customer experience. The application intends to give you natural UI standards that give you effective design. It provides the facility to use device’s common gestures to enhance the user experience.

Many appealing features such as illustrations, effortless transition from one screen to another screen, smooth animations and many others can be utilized by mobile apps to enhance interaction between user and the app.

Mobile features can help the firms

Mobile features can help the firms

Nowadays, smartphones have more features compared to laptops or desktops. Laptop and desktop lack features such as GPS and compass, accelerator, gyroscope and proximity sensors. Using mobile apps, you are able to take benefit of these, the user experience and interaction is enhanced. For instance,a student can scan a mathematical formula on a page to find the answer using a native app.

Such aspects can be included in the development of your application when you are developing educational mobile apps. Banking and shopping experience of customers wouldn’t have been so great without features of native mobile app features such as touch gestures, mobile payments and targeted push notifications

Consumers get personalized ads, notifications and good experience

Consumers get personalized ads, notifications and good experience

Users love to explore mobile applications in a personalized way. They can manage their individual options, location, and even the content efficiently using native mobile apps. This enhances the user experience ten-folds and increases loyalty their loyalty.

Users can apply their personal preferences in the app and make it look different. Free-will factor given to the individuals increases their ability to connect with the company. You can adjust the behavior and engagement aspect according to your business demands.

The personalized content can help you in real time to sell your products appropriately. You can customize your application and give various product choices as per customers’ preferences, demographics and past shopping history.

Want to develop a native app?

Offline support

Being able to work without internet is the most prominent advantage native apps have over web apps. Offline native apps can help you work even when you are out of network coverage or working in remote are with no connectivity.Few of the native app examples for offline work include jotter pad, notes, music, file manager, and many others.

Businesses which are into mining, construction, shipping, power supplies, agricultural industries,offline support becomes critical for them. With native mobile apps, the engineers or workers can save data offline in device’s memory while working in no connectivity zones and sync it back with server when they are connected to network.

SEO potential is enhanced

SEO potential is enhanced

Google experts confirm that app searches are more common than web searches. It shows how important native applications are for the enhancement of your brand’s search marketing and optimization.

You can optimize your native mobile app according to the latest Google Mobile Search Algorithms to gain better visibility of your native mobile apps.

Let us help you choose!

As per the report from stat counter, out of all the users who use internet; 50.21% of them use mobile devices and 3.97% of them use tablet. In terms of markets share, mobile users + tablet users have higher market share which gives an opportunity brands who have native apps to acquire larger user base.

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