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How to Find the Best Mobile App Developer

December 4, 2019

Thanks to B2B outsourcing websites and freelancing platforms, it has become much easier to find and hire mobile app developers. Fiverr and Freelancer platforms claim to have the best mobile app developers available but they don’t have control over developers’ quality and workflow. Hence, it becomes even a challenge to hire developers who are suitable for your needs. In this article, we will discuss the process of finding and hiring the best mobile app developer and what things to take care of.

Define your business needs

As a business owner, your intention is to release a new app quickly and without much investment. At the same time, you are expecting the app to be a good quality and well-functioning. When you are planning to develop and launch an app, it is better to define your business needs as well as list of features you want in the application.


While you are defining your business requirements, you can list down what specific business challenge you are trying to solve. You should also determine if having a quick and face-to-face communication is critical for your needs or not. Because if you hire dedicated mobile app developers, it is likely that they will in another time-zone.

However, you can use Slack, Jira, and online conferencing tools such as Zoom to minimize the communications gaps. Many companies also offer ready-made dedicated teams with established communication structures.

Start searching for potential IT service providers

Once you have finalized your business requirements and list of features required in the application; you can start searching for mobile app developers and companies who can provide you dedicated mobile app developers. When you are searching for developers and companies,  you should also create a list of questions that will improve your decision. You can find the answers by analyzing a company’s website. If you have some specific questions, feel free to ask when you contact the company.


As you saw on the above image, the cost of mobile app development can range anywhere from less than 50K to more than 500K. Hence, you need to identify and shortlist developers and companies who can build your app within your budget. Compared to many other countries, cost of mobile app development is lower.

Because of that, it has become a well-known outsourcing destination. According to Evans Data Corporation, by the year 2023, number of developers in India will be higher than the US.

Check their work portfolio

Once you have shortlisted top 5 developers or development agencies, take your time in having a detailed look at their portfolios, it will give you a much better idea about the technical skills and will help you take a decision.


Portfolio also offers the conclusion for past experience and addressed relevant app developer gonna handle your dream project. Make sure to check the reviews and feedback from previous clients to identify the developer-client relationship.

Make an Inquiry

By placing the inquiries and comparing app development quotes, you can easily figure out the demand and estimated budget of developing mobile applications. Put your priority on board so you can finalize the list of appropriate three options.

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Analyze three, short-list two and finalize one

After you’ve found three developers that can make your idea a reality, it’s time to finalize best mobile app developer for your project. Carefully analyze all three shortlisted option. There are multiple things to consider. This list should include your business goals and the type of project you’re panning to develop.


Build a list of 10 questions that cover your business requirements, development requirements and the features you want in the app. Ask those ten questions to all the shortlisted development teams. Based on their answers, quality promise, cost and estimated delivery time, you can select and finalize one team or company for mobile app development project.

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