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Top 7 Reasons To Choose React Native For Mobile App Development

January 8, 2020

In today’s era, mobile apps have become the de facto need for any organization to connect with their consumers. However, certain questions trouble every business, while getting a mobile app developed. Whether they should hire react native app developers to create different mobile apps for iOS, Android and other mobile operating systems or get a hybrid app build. Creating a hybrid application appears to be a smart choice, however, it often lacks the performance and experience offered by react native apps. So what is the best way to move forward? Well, the React Native framework for mobile app development created by Facebook is a great option.

React Native is a hybrid mobile app development framework to create applications that work great for platforms like Android and iOS. Some of the giant companies including Instagram, Airbnb Tesla, Walmart, and Skype use this framework for their mobile apps. So what makes this framework different from the various other hybrid app development frameworks in the market? Well, here are the top seven reasons, that makes react native framework the best choice for mobile app development:

Native User Experience

One of the best reasons to use React Native framework for mobile app development is that it provides a native user experience in spite of being a framework for developing hybrid apps. React Native allows you to use react native APIs along with its own JavaScript to create mobile apps. This helps in building UI that is both quick and responsive. So hire react native app developers and deliver a native user experience using React Native.

The similar code base for iOS and Android

With React Native, you can easily create code that runs of multiple platforms including the web, iOS, and Android. The primary base code remains almost similar for multiple platforms that help in reducing the overall development effort. You need to write the code once, make subtle changes and the code is ready for deployment across various operating systems. Moreover, React Native also allows to code components to be reused so that you can create new code using the existing one while saving the time otherwise spend in rewriting.

Finding bugs is easier

As mentioned earlier the code remains similar for both iOS and Android platforms, so you need to update the code once. This makes it easy to find the errors as you need to focus on a single code base instead of finding bugs into two different codes. And once the bugs are found, the code can be rectified once and then updated across multiple mobile operating systems for use.

Third-party plugins

React Native comes with a huge set of third-party libraries that can be used to extend the functionality of any app easily. A large number of plugins are added constantly by the developer community which makes coding easier using React Native. You need to find the right kind of plugin for your app, and rest is a cakewalk as the framework allows for easy integration of these plugins.

Easy feature updates

Getting approval from the app store every time you add or update any feature in your app can be a time-consuming task. Moreover, the users also need to update the app manually every time you make such changes. But with React Native, this is not the case. You don’t need to upload the updated version of your app on the app store each time. The framework allows for the updates to be done at your server and these changes will be reflected during the run-time whenever the user is accessing the app.

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Reduced development time and cost

As discussed above, the React Native allows for code re-usability across multiple operating systems. Along with this, you also get access to a large number of plugins that can be used easily. This helps to save the time and cost required to start the development from scratch every time. So for any business looking to keep budget under control choosing React Native framework for mobile app development can be a great option. So instead of hiring someone freelancer who has experience with React Native, do look for a professional React native mobile app development company in the USA for your user friendly mobile app development needs!

Strong developer community support

React Native is backed by a hugely supportive community of developers who are quite enthusiastic about helping others who are new to this framework. At Techcronus too, the mobile app developers just love React Native. The popularity of the framework can be easily identified through online communities like GitHub, Stack Overflow and Subreddit. Moreover, community support is also the reason why you can find a large number of third-party plugins for React Native when compared to other frameworks. So next time, when you face any issue or have any queries related to React Native, get help from the online community.


React Native is undoubtedly one of the best frameworks for hybrid app development in the market today. If you are interested to get a React Native app developed, then contact Techcronus. We are a React native mobile app development company in the USA with clientele across the world. From startups to SMEs, we cater to businesses of all sorts and sizes.

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