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How To Improve Performance Of React Native Mobile Application?

September 1, 2019

Multiple globally known companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, and thousands of startups are getting their built using React Native. React Native mobile application are more efficient and use the hardware resources optimally.

Moreover, React Native allows you to share and reuse the codes between Android and iOS app. React Native also has a large developer community supporting it. If you are also getting your app built using React Native, then let us see the most effective ways to improve React Native mobile application.

Identify And Prevent Memory Leaks

Memory leaks have always been a significant issue with Android devices. Often there are multiple unwanted processes running in the background. These unwanted processes can lead to memory leakage in your applications. In memory leak issue, the app is closed but the memory isn’t released, and thus in the next launch, additional memory is allocated.

Identify-And-Prevent-Memory-Leaks-768x479 (1)

To prevent such memory leak issues, we recommend you to avoid using ListView. You can use other listing components such as like FlatList, SectionList, or VirtualList. Using these listing components will not cause memory leak, provide smoother scrolling, and improve overall performance and quality of your mobile application.

Reduce Application Size

Most native applications built with JavaScript will use native components as well as some third-party libraries. This will reduce the size of the applications. Higher the number of components and third-party libraries being used; larger the size of the application. Reducing the size of the application will reduce the download time and improve app performance thanks to reduced code.

Reduce-Application-Size-1-768x479 (1)

To reduce the size of the application you are building, use only essential components which and optimise all the components being used. Apart from components, it would help if you also focused on reducing the size of the graphics and graphical elements.

You can use ProGuard to optimise your code as much as possible. A mid-range device usually responds better to smaller apps. Flagship devices generally give a much higher performance in smaller apps. Besides, we do not recommend you to use the main thread to pass components which relay on massive message queues.

Use Rendering Carefully

Excessive rendering of your components can have a substantial negative impact on the performance of your React Native app. To prevent such scenarios, do NOT integrate the different state of the life-cycles and props.

Use-Rendering-Carefully-768x479 (2)

It is vital to ensure that reconciler is not overloaded with unnecessary work. This can reduce JavaScript’s thread’s frames per second output, and the user may feel that the app is sluggish. To prevent unnecessary rendering, use ComponentUpdate function only when it is needed.

Optimize Images

Images consume a significant part of memory. To further enhance the performance of your React Native app, you should optimize the size of your mobile application. You can use services such as TinyPNG and optimize the images before you start using these images in your mobile app.

Optimize-Images-1-768x479 (1)

If you are using JPG or PNG files then we recommend the use of WebP format. We encourage the use of WebP because it can improve app loading speeds up to 28%, reduce Android and iOS binary sizes by 25%. Besides, it also reduces the CodePush bundle by 66%.

Simplify JSON Data

Many native mobile applications pull the data from the remote server using private or public API. This data is in JSON format and may contain compound nested objects.


App developers and programmers tend to store all the JSON data locally so that they can access and retrieve it anytime because JavaScript renders the data gradually. This results in performance bottlenecks. Because of that, we recommend you to convert the raw JSON into simpler objects before rendering to avoid such issues.

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Optimize App Launch Time

If your app’s launch time is too high, then users will not prefer to use your app for long. One of the elements which affect the launch time of object.finalize. It has been regarded as one of the fundamental reasons for higher app launch time.

Optimize-App-Launch-Time-768x479 (1)

Finalizers run on the main thread and may cause error messages. These messages show that there isn’t sufficient memory left when there is enough RAM available. This is one of the main reasons for slower app launches. To prevent such issues, avoid using Object Finalizers, and do not run significant components on the main thread.

Native mobile applications are a way to go!

If you want to offer your users an app which has better performance, higher stability, and reliability, then you should go with native app development. React Native is a popular JavaScript library for developing cross-platform applications.

However, if it is not implemented carefully then it may cause specific issues. However, once you are familiar with technical areas, you will have a much better understanding of how you can resolve such issues.

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