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Is Laravel The Best PHP Framework ?

September 25, 2019

Thousands of websites get developed using PHP frameworks every day. However, only a handful of them has the capability to make a real business impact. A website needs simple navigation, useful features, and an appealing design to make the visitor stay on the website and increase the possibilities of them getting converted. While there are many PHP frameworks out in the market for developing great websites. Let us identify if Laravel is the best PHP framework or not?

Developers require a reusable and simple coding technique which makes the development process efficient. Laravel comes with these development capabilities high level of flexibility. It makes the development process efficient. It has the following technical advantages.

MVC and Object-Oriented Approach

Laravel follows MVC-based architectural pattern and expressive object-oriented syntax. Model-view-controller and object-oriented approach have come with their own advantages.


On the other hand, most developers are already familiar with MVC and object-oriented approach. This allows developers to work efficiently. Laravel also comes with built-in object-oriented libraries.

Authorization Techniques


In Laravel, implementing authentication and simple as it provides an organized way to access logic and control access. When it comes to Authorization, it comes with many functionalities such as hashing, password reset, protection against CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) attacks, and encryption.

Framework-Level Security


Laravel takes care of the security within its framework. It provides security features such as password hashing, encryption. In addition, the framework uses prepared SQL statements which give strong protection against SQL injection attacks.

Easy Database Migration


With Laravel framework, database migrations are very easy. If you keep your databases in migrations and seeds, you can easily migrate the changes into any other development machine.

Template Engine


Laravel comes with Blade Template Engine. It combines one or more templates with a data model to produce resulting views for improved performance. The template engine comes with control structures, conditional statements and loops, which are mapped to their PHP counterparts.

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Artisan Command-Line Interface

Laravel has its own command-line interface called Artisan. Developers use this for publishing package assets, migrate databases, seeding and generating boilerplate code for new controllers and models.

Automatic Package Discovery

Laravel Automatic Package Discovery automatically detects which packages users want to install. Developers don’t have to set up any aliases or providers. Developers can also disable this feature. This feature makes Laravel one of the best PHP Framework.

Laravel Helps You Build Web Applications In A Simple And Efficient Way

All these features and technical capabilities of the framework make Laravel one of the best PHP framework. Laravel is suitable for web application development for small to enterprise-level business. Built-in functionalities, libraries and official packages allow developers to work with ease.

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