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How Will Android 11 Features Impact Your Mobile Application?

June 2, 2020

Android is a widely used Operating system today. It has become a common platform for developers. Various mobile applications are created for Android specifically. With every update, Google is constantly improving and adding new features. Android 10 was a success. It changed the application’s permission front and introduced the dark mode. With the launch of Android 11, more features and updates are expected.

The complete build of Android 11 has not been revealed yet, but we do have a preview of what the features would likely be. With every update, developers get more options to add unique features and create some unusual mobile applications. This release can prove to be a game-changer for mobile applications. You need the right team of developers to create some extraordinary applications. Before diving into how Android 11 would affect mobile applications, let’ see what does this update offer.

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Android 11 Features

=> Improvements in Messaging

With the new release, the user’s experience with messaging is going to change. A number of features have been introduced for messaging applications.

Chat Bubbles have been introduced where all the continuing texts or conversations will be hidden in small bubbles at the side of the screen. If you wish to see a message, you need to click on the bubble to open it.

In the notifications panel, a conversation section is created to provide you real-time messages where you can find all the conversations you are having at that time. Also, you will be able to send images while replying to a message from the notification bar.

=> Improvements in Messaging

Now, it’s not necessary that people use screen-recorders every day. The usage requirements vary from user to user. But, this is one such feature everyone has been waiting for. The built-in screen recorder comes with a UI and a toggle for recording audio as well as touches in the video.

=> Permission every time

At present, we provide permission to applications in the beginning. The application has the required permissions all the time. But, with Android 11 this has changed. We have a lot more control over mobile applications we usually did. As a user, you can provide permission to an app just one time. So, you grant permission on a one-time basis. The next time you run the app, you will be asked again to grant the permission.

=> 5G Preparation

Last year we had heard how technology was advancing to bring in 5G internet service. With Covid-19. There has been an increased need for 5G technology. Android 11 brings to you ‘Dynamic Meteredness API’. This API would let users full benefits on the smartphones that 5G brings. When the API recognises the 5G connection, it will stream videos and load graphics in high quality.

=> Adjusting to different screens

Foldable device is a revolutionary invention in the world of smartphones. With Android 11, developers don’t have to worry about such devices. Any mobile application will run smoothly in a foldable device through the OS 11.

=> Improved WiFi Experience

OS 11 has brought updates to improve user’s WiFi experience while running mobile applications.

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The New Release – Android 11

The new release is going to affect the way applications are built. This can be huge for developers as they will get better options for creating better applications. Let’s take a look at how Android 11 will affect the creation of mobile applications. There are three aspects which will change Android App Development  –  Behaviour Changes, New Features and APIs, Privacy and Security Measures.

=> 5G Support

Yes, you have heard it right. All your mobile applications will perform better with 5G. OS 11 is responsible for handling all the technology which will enhance user-experience like quick file transfer, fast downloads and you won’t face buffer issues.

=> Neural Network applications

When an app works on machine learning, it is easier to run the app. Android is working to integrate machine learning into applications. Using neural networking applications will provide a lot of benefits.

=> Keep your usage stats private

In order to protect the user’s privacy and data, Android 11 will keep all the user’s usage data regarding a specific application in encrypted storage. This means that any application or system cannot access the data unless some specific coding is entered.

=> Find out why a process ended

Android 11 is bringing greater clarity towards reasons as to why a particular process ended. Reports will be generated for the users to find out why a process was terminated. But, the app owners won’t get these reports. They won’t be able to find out the error like memory issues or API.

=> Securing data

Storing the app’s usage data will be done in a secured manner. OS 11 is focusing on protecting user’s data and providing users to control how their data used by allowing one-time permission.

=> Reduced data redundancy

When it comes to media playback or machine learning, an app would try to use the same datasets for another app. Now earlier versions of Android required both the app to use different datasets for the same process. In order to reduce the data redundancy on the network, Android 11 brings lets datasets get shared between devices which were not possible in earlier versions.

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Everyone is eagerly waiting for the new release. Android 11 provides better tools to both users and developers. Creating a mobile application has become more interesting. If you are a brand looking for developers, you need to choose wisely. Techcronus has a team of innate developers who are equipped with the latest technology and tools. We have our vision and we know exactly how the OS 11 can prove to be a game-changer for mobile applications. Amidst lockdown, our team of experts is constantly working on ideas as to how this operating system can be utilised to maximise efficiency while creating an application. Techcronus believes in providing quality services to our valuable clients. Contact Us now for immediate assistance.

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