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Important Predictions For The Future Of 5G And Mobile App Development

June 17, 2020

The technology is advancing every day and so are our expectations. We need high-speed internet to load websites, buffer videos, download images or music, transfer files and much more. Even with 4G, we are hoping for a faster network. Transmitting data over the globe which is a wide range of the network is a difficult task and takes time. This is why 5G is coming handy to speed up our internet and provide a faster web browsing experience.

You cannot confuse 5G as a modification of 4G. The 5th generation network is an entirely new structure which aims at changing the way mobile apps work. This technology will particularly improve the current functionality of mobile applications. With faster speed, users will be able to access the internet quickly and do their tasks like watching videos without worrying about buffers. It is predicted that 5G would transmit a million of MBs within less than a second. Let’s discuss future trends of 5G or 5G market predictions made globally.

5G Predictions 2020

  • By 2024, 35% of mobile traffic worldwide would be carried out through 5G.
  • It is expected for developers to be ready with devices and mobile phones supporting the new technology by early 2020.
  • It is estimated that 5G can serve up to 65% of the world’s total population by 2024.
  • 35% of the cellular IoT connections can become Broadband IoT, but 4G will be supporting it in most of the cases. By 2024, 5G will support for the more advanced cases.
  • 45% of the cellular IoT connections will account for NIB-IoT and Cat-M technologies.
  • VOLTE is said to be the base for supporting 5G connections. By the end of 2024, the number of users subscribing to VOLTE connections would reach around 5.9 billion.

The Future of Mobile App Development

With the advent of 5G, the future of mobile app development seems to be a little different than what we have now. Better data speed, more connection density, AR or VR based apps are a few features that this technology will provide for mobile apps.  This technology will change the interface of mobile applications. With better features, there is a huge customer segment eager to use some unique and innovative apps with 5G. Let’s discuss a few features in detail.

IoT app development

5G will support connectivity for around 1 million devices in the same place. This means it has an increased connection density when compared to 4G. This will beneficial for IoT (Internet of things) app development. This basically refers to the large market segment of technology. Wearable devices, new gadgets that come with sensors can use this technology as devices become more aware and connected. With 5G, new doors will open in this field which was previously inaccessible through 4G.

Lower Latency

Mobile users get concerned where there are delays, which is mostly due to the devices and their networks making a decision in real-time. With 4G, the current latency is around 50 milliseconds. 5G aims to turn it to one millisecond, which will reduce network interference and delays.

Connection Density

The term ‘Connection Density’ signifies towards the network’s capacity to successfully support the delivery of messages, even in an area with a large population. At present, 4G roughly supports 2000 devices across 0.38 sq.miles. On the other hand, it is expected that 5G will support a million connected devices in the same place.

AR/VR app development

The 5G market predictions have been beneficial so far. With lower latency, there would be fewer delays or network interferences. This would be a plus for developing apps based on Augmented Reality or Virtual reality. It feels like, with 5G, these technologies can finally enter the mainstream market. Just not the entertainment sector, but industries like Health, Fitness, Sports, Food and such will benefit from this advancement.

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Advantages for Mobile App Owners

5G will change the way mobile apps have been developed so far. With features like lower latency and better connection density, the power consumption would also be reduced i.e. your battery will not drain faster. The owners have the number of benefits as the usage of their mobile apps would significantly increase.

Faster Reaction Time – With 5G, the reaction time will be reduced up to 1 millisecond.

Better battery life – The battery life would be extended by 10 times than what it is now. Thanks to IoT, this would be possible.

Economic benefits –  The 5th generation technology is bringing in a number of additional features like Augmented Reality, lower latency, Virtual Reality and much more. The high-speed data network will provide users with overall seamless experience. This will increase app retention and revenue.

Better user interface – Technology has evolved extensively from 2nd generation to 5Th generation. With 5G, there is a chance at improving user interface as there is more clarity of UI which wasn’t available with the previous versions of the data network.

How will 5G benefit your brand?

One of the most untold things is that 5G is a new potent technology, which can be harnessed properly if you have the right team. Developers can create some inexplicable mobile applications only when they have the right tools and the necessary knowledge. At Techronus, we want only the best for your brand.  As the owner, you would like to create a unique digital space on the platforms which will attract users and increase conversion rates. Your enterprise, irrespective of the type like startupse-commercefood, fashion, entertainment and much more, needs a team upon whom you can rely on completely. We bring you that team.

The 5th generation network is a technology which is new and experimental. It affects the way mobile applications are being developed. Techronus has a team of expert developers who know the new technology and how to utilise it to create the best applications for your brand. We work vigilantly for 5G app development and deliver quality services. We are eager to assist you. Contact us now.

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