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Remote App Developers Vs Freelancers: Whom Should You Hire?

May 31, 2019

For a CTO or CEO of a business, it is an important decision whether to hire a dedicated remote developer or freelancer for software development projects. To help you make an informed decision, let us look at advantages and disadvantages of hiring dedicated remote app developers vs freelancers. From project cost to management & control, there are many factors which you need to keep in mind while making this important business decision. Let’s take a look at some of the key factors below.

Want to Hire Remote Mobile App Developer?

Factor To Consider For Hiring An App Developer

Size and duration of project:

If you have a small, one-off project to be developed, then you can hire a freelance developer as hiring a remote developer will be an overkill for small short duration of projects. Dedicated developer or Dedicated team hiring is recommended in case of mid to large scale or ongoing app development projects.

Project specifications:

You can hire a freelance developer if you have crystal clear project specifications and you just need someone to write a code for you. However, in most of the cases there is an additional technical guidance or expertise is sought and that’s where dedicated remote developers or team can be very helpful.

Cost and budget:

If you are working on small budget, low key project, you should focus on hiring a skilled freelancer. However, if a quality and timely delivery of the work is your first requirement then you should go with a dedicated remote developer or team.

Project criticality:

Working with freelancers for a mission-critical or business-critical projects are often found risky. There are chances that the freelances is not available during critical situations when you need him as he would be working on multiple projects at the same time. If you want a developer who is available and can constantly give you an update then you should opt for hiring a full-time remote developer.

Hiring A Freelance Developer: Pros & Cons

Freelance developers are available at comparatively lower cost but they usually do multiple projects at a time, which is a biggest risk factor for any business.


Charges – In most cases, freelancers charge much lower hourly or daily rate than remote full-time developers or teams.

Easy to find – Freelancers are quite easy to find. There are so many platforms using which you can find freelancers; these platforms include UpWork, Guru, PeoplePerHour and other platforms. You just agree upon the cost and the terms and start the work.


Reliability – As freelancers work on multiple projects as the same time, quality of work and timely delivery of the work may get compromised.

Communication – As we know that effective communication is key to project success and with freelancers, there are chances that they may not respond to you when you need them as they are not working only for your projects.

Quality – Every customer expects a quality product when you hire a developer for your projects. Most of the time quality is at a toss when you have freelancers working on your projects because of lack of technical skills, guidance and experience

Hire An Awesome a Mobile App Developer?

Why Should You Hire A Dedicated Developer or Team?

There are many advantages of hiring dedicated remote developer or team from top-notch web and mobile app development companies in India.


Having an expert technical team working on your project will save you millions than having novice freelancer spoiling your whole project. It is important to consider developer’s expertise before hiring. Hiring dedicated developers from a reputed app development company means that you have a technically expert team developing a top-notch product for you as they have years of experience of working on software product development.

Quality & Commitment

 A trusted app development company always has a quality assurance and quality control team who will ensure a quality product delivery for you.


Data / Information security is important for every business. An established software development company always have data security policies in place where they sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Non-Competition Agreement (NCA) to protect Intellectual Property (IP) of your business or product.


Dedicated remote developer work full-time for your projects only and are available for communication via skype/email/slack/phone at your convenience and as per your business needs.

Maintenance & Support

A dedicated support team will take care of your application routine maintenance and critical support needs so you can sleep at night.


Hiring freelancers is very cost effective for small or short-term projects. The main concern is timely delivery and quality work. Usually freelancers work on multiple projects; if their project management or client management skills aren’t strong then they may not be able to deliver the project on-time. On the other hand, hiring a dedicated development team will ensure a smoother and successful project delivery and they are not so expensive.

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