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The Myths and Realities of iPhone App Development

August 2, 2019

When it comes to iPhone app development, it seems like there is always a new myth waiting around every corner. You may have come across multiple such myths while reading blog articles or when you’re watching videos or just scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed.

We’re in the digital era; you’ll find a lot of myths about the iOS app development process. We have curated a list of some widely popular myths. So, let us debunk some of the myths today!

Complex Mode Makes An iOS App Better:

Often, iOS app developers feel that Apple’s framework is too simple. Because of that, the try to build something from scratch. As a result, the iOS application development process will take much longer and will become more complicated than it needs to be. You should embrace simplicity.

Complex mode

When you have options to choose from, don’t be afraid to opt for the frameworks provided by Apple. The frameworks have been created and optimized by multiple experienced iOS developer having a lot of skills. Apple usually knows what works and what doesn’t.

Only Local iOS App Developers Develop Great Apps, And Outsourcing Is A Compromise:

Humans and human brains are similar everywhere! It will be ineffective to compare the developers based on their demographics. Outsourced developers can be great or can be the other way around. To make a well-informed guess, we can have a look at their skills, portfolio, and experience.


Outsourced app developers may perform better than local iOS developers due to an added pressure to fulfill the expectations of the offshore client. In most cases, skilled and experienced Outsourced iOS app developers are usually more efficient and hard-working.

iOS App Development Is A Simple Process And Apps Can Be Ready In A Few Days:

Many believe that the development of an iOS application is an easy and straightforward process, and iPhone app development can be completed in a few days. This is not true.

In most cases, it isn’t true. And if it does, then it is highly likely that you will not get what you are expecting as a client. iOS application development is an intensive process which requires a lot of skillful efforts. The production team must be aligned with the vision of the client, and the user needs to produce an excellent iOS app. It is estimated that a high-quality iOS application may take from one month to six months.

Bugs In The iOS App Reflects Developers Incompetency:

For mobile app developers, bugs are not new things. If they are experienced, they must have gone through a lot of bug fixing. If your application is facing multiple bugs, sitting on a developer’s head will be an immature decision. You can ask them to take note of the bugs and ask them to share a timeline of when the bugs will be fixed.


Even Apple and Google keep releasing updates for their application to fix bugs and security patches to fix security vulnerabilities. Same way, the developers hired by you also need to test the app, identify the bugs and fix those bugs. The testing team can test the application with given test cases and report the bugs with screenshots and steps to reproduce the bugs.

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iOS Application Development Services Provider Will Not Be Available On My Time:

In terms of the overall timeline of the project, alignment with the project manager is critical. This will ensure that you get frequent updates on your project. On the execution level, the project manager will opt for an ideal working model.


In general, the outsourcing team will be implementing “follow the sun” model. In this model, the offshore iPhone app developers are working when there is night in the client’s time zone, and when client wakes up next day, he will be able to see the progress made.

iOS App Wire Frames Are Final. Nothing Must Be Changed After That:

While the developers are developing an iOS app, they may face an operational or functional issue. To fix such issues, they may have to alter the wireframe a little.


So, the developers should be allowed to inform you and take such decisions which benefit the application. It is a good practice to remain a bit flexible with wireframes as it may open up possibilities for future improvements.

You Can Only Write Clean Code In Specific Architectures:

There is a common myth that one should only build iOS applications which are using certain types of app architecture. It is also a myth that building an app with a different architecture will result in messy code and provide a poor user experience.


The truth for iPhone app development is, the developers can build a clean (in terms of code and efficiency) app using any well-known architecture as long as they are aware of the pros and limitations of that architecture. Before you and the development team select any architecture, you should research the benefits and the boundaries of that architecture so you can ensure your code is clean throughout.

Being aware of the limitations is critical because, in the next phases, you and the development team will be saved from the headache of patching and fixing. Choose the framework which is known for providing an ideal end-user experience.

Higher Number Of Features Makes A Better Application:

Bombarding your application with too many features will make the application code-heavy, bloated and unresponsive. It will make your application consume a lot of system memory and processing power.


Besides, if you present your user with a lot of features, then, they will get confused and may stop using your application. Your primary focus should be including only essential features and working on refining those features. Once you finish that, you can shift focus on the inclusion of more features.

Agile Allows For Significant Changes In Any Stage:

Without an in-depth understanding of iPhone application development processes; the investors and stakeholders try to change the list of requirements. Some of these changes seem minor but, may cause bugs and errors and even end up impacting whole architecture.


Whenever the is a new list of changes or new requirements such as adding new features of revamping user interface; you should check if these changes will add sizeable benefit to your business or make the final product much better. If that’s not the case, then avoid doing such changes, and you may consider these for future releases.

Let us wrap up!

There are multiple myths when it comes to iPhone app development. Companies who provide iOS app development services can’t build a perfect formula for iOS app development, which works for various type of applications.

However, an experienced team of skilled developers will have established a set of best practices which will save you from a lot of problems. If you are planning to get an iOS app developed for your business, we recommend you to choose a company or team which has a robust portfolio and extensive experience.

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