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4 Things Only Experts Know About Android App Development

August 1, 2019

Mobile applications have changed the way the businesses are engaging the customers. We see a massive increase in the demand for Android application development.  Android is dominating more than 70% of the smartphone market. Due to thousands of companies offering android app development, it is becoming increasingly challenging to choose the right development partner.

An experienced Android app development company can fulfill all your business requirements and manage to deliver a stunning mobile application which provides an excellent user experience. To deliver this kind of application, the company and developers need to be technically superior. Let us explore 4 things only experts know about Android app development.

The Importance of Application Architecture

A good architecture makes the system easy to understand, to develop, to maintain and to implement [Clean Architecture, Chapter 15]

A clean architecture consists of three layers; presentation layer, business logic layer, and the data layer. Presentation layer captures the user’s actions and shows the results. Business logic layer captures and implements all the rules that a business must comply with. Data is available and accessible in the data layer.


Architecture is responsible for efficient communication between the layers.  The architecture ensures correct structuring of the code and makes it scalable. Libraries may change with time, but the principles of architecture should be maintained to ensure a clean and efficient application.

Architecture Patterns in Android

There are multiple architectural patterns in Android. Two of them are MVC (Model-view-control) and MVP (Model-view-presenter). MVP is highly recommended because it is highly popular among the developer community due to multiple benefits. Google has also provided its best practice example using MVP.


In MVP, the Model layer holds business logic and controls how data is managed. View interface displays data and delivers user actions to the Presenter. Presenter works as middlemen who retrieves data from Model and show it in the View. This separation makes codebase easy to understand and maintain. It also makes the testing process more straightforward.

Right Architecture Improves Changeability

Architecture matters which there are multiple versions (such as version 1, updated version 2.0) need to be released for an app. In most cases, the business may choose to improve the app’s functionality or introduce better features. In these scenarios, the choice of architecture makes a lot of sense.


If an application has the right architecture, then the modification will become easier and effective. Development companies and businesses can’t predict everything the app may need in the future. It depends on user experience and user needs. If the right architecture is selected in the beginning, it will be flexible, and you will be easily adaptable to the unknown future changes.

Android Architecture Requires Discipline and Patience

Architecture is like a mango tree. We can’t get mango fruits a day after planting the tree. Designing architecture is an ongoing process. It takes time and efforts to arrive at that stage. Choice of architecture is a thoughtful decision before the implementation.


When the web development team starts taking shortcuts to deliver an app in less time, it does significant damages to the app architecture. Later, it results in dirty code, and then more time is needed to structure and clean the code.  We need to keep it in mind; otherwise, we may win first to lose later.

Android App Development Services from Techcronus

We have a highly competent and experienced team of Android app developers who help you create an app that provides real business value. Our team carries expertise in producing apps for various businesses and use cases.

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Prototyping and Business Analysis

Our team of expert and skilled business analysts will correctly define the requirements and share with the development team. We will prepare a prototype to show how the user will interact with your application as it is crucial for the development process.

UX/UI Design for Android Device

Your application must have an intuitive interface with features which meets the needs of the user. Our UX/UI team will implement design best practices in your application to make it engaging for users who will interact with it.

Android App Development With Kotlin and Java

With our expertise, we use Kotlin and Java to develop a robust native application which meets all your business needs and addresses the needs of your target audience.

Let us wrap up!

In the mobile-first world, most companies are significantly focusing on mobile apps. Companies such as Snapchat rely only on mobile applications to serve their users.

Android is used by more than 2.1 billion people around the globe. This is a tremendous business opportunity for growth. Having an app for your business allows you to penetrate the 2.1 billion people market. Android is a recommended platform because of its market continuation, ease of development, and shorter span of development.

Why Should You Choose Techcronus?

At Techcronus, we believe in delivering value and growth to our client. Our development team has experience spanning from corporate Android applications to games for smartphone and tablet. Our team delivers world-class products thanks to technical competence and creativity. Connect with us to make your next mobile app a great success!

Are You Looking For A Reliable Company For Android App Development?

Working with an experienced Android app development company is the only way to ensure that there are no hurdles in your Android app development project. We are a leading Android app development company in India, building simple as well as sophisticated enterprise-grade app solutions.


Apart from android app development services, we also offer custom web development and iOS app development services in India and USA. With our skilled developers, we deliver high-quality and secure applications. Connect with us to start the development of your Android app with us.

Why Should You Choose Techcronus?

At Techcronus, we deliver value and growth to our client. Techcronus development team has experience spanning from corporate Android applications to games for smartphone and tablet. Our team delivers world-class products thanks to technical competence and creativity.

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