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Top iOS 13 Features That Will Excite You [2019]

July 29, 2019

Apple recently announced iOS 13 in annual Worldwide Developers Conference 2019. iOS 13 is a major improvement compared to iOS 12. Apple has introduced host of new features and improved a lot of existing features. In this article, we will explore the top iOS 13 features.

In terms of improvements, iOS 13 is faster and more efficient. Apple has also reduced update times by optimising the update download size by up to 50%. Application launch times are now 2x quicker. Let’s go through iOS 13 features in details for developers.

Custom Fonts Inside Apps

With iOS 13, users will be able to install custom fonts on their iPhone and iPad. Apple App Store has a new section for fonts where the user will be able to find and install new fonts. They will be able to manage installed fonts in the Settings applications.

If you are an iOS developer, then you will be able to allow users to use your application in the custom font selected by the user.

Dark Mode – Coolest Of The Ios 13 Features

With iOS 13, Apple has introduced a systemwide Dark Mode option. It will change the entire look of the OS from light to dark. Users will also be able to select to turn on the dark mode in a custom schedule such as every sunset. Dark Mode in iOS 13 makes your content look more immersive. The idea behind the dark mode is to your content pop more.

All the native system apps will have Dark Mode support enabled by default; if you have an iOS application and you want to enable Dark Mode support for users of your application then, you can use Dark Mode API to enable Dark Mode support.

with Apple

Apple also introduced a new privacy-focused feature named Sign in with Apple. This is an alternative to Login with Google accounts and Facebook accounts, which allow users to use their social accounts to quickly sign-in to other apps. Apple is differentiating the feature by making privacy the core of it.

With the new feature, users will be able to sign in with their Apple account without sharing their details with the app. In case the application needs email ID of the user, then users can generate randomised email addresses which will forward the email to the real email address of the user. Apple has also enabled Two-factor authentication for more security. As a developer, you will be able to allow users to authenticate their account via Touch ID or Face ID.

Application Shortcuts With Siri


Just like Android has voice shortcuts for Google Assistant, Apple has also introduced conversational voice shortcuts in iOS 13 by combining Siri and Shortcuts app. For example, if user says “Order food from Caviar”, Siri will bring up a list of restaurants with favorite dishes of the user.

All the shortcuts are located in the Shortcuts app rather n the Settings app. Shortcuts app will also provide users with Suggested Automation so that users can create personalised routines. Indeed, it is one of the smartest features among all the iOS 13 features.

Car Play Dashboard

Apple has overhauled Car Play in the latest version of iOS by introducing a new Dashboard for music, and maps. The new dashboard will allow users to see Maps and Music at the same time. A new Calendar application has also been made available. Siri in Car Play also supports third-party navigation and audio apps.

If you are a developer who is looking forward to developing a navigation application or music application such as Spotify, Siri will support your Car Play app.

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iOS 13 Performance Improvements

With every new version of iOS, Apple improves performance. With iOS 13, Apple has improved the performance even more. Unlocking iPhone with Face ID is 30% quicker. If you are an iOS developer, then we have great news for you as well!

Downloading apps is 50% smaller, which will allow iOS 13 users to download your app in half the time. Your users will be able to update the app much quicker as updates are 60% smaller. Thanks to these improvements launch speed your iPhone application will become 2x faster.


Too long; didn’t read? Let us summaries!

Apple has made a lot of performance improvements and privacy improvements with the new version of iOS. iOS 13 features are so well refined that it will surely be very popular among mobile app developers and iPhone users. Which was your favourite feature among all the features we listed? Did we miss an exciting feature you are aware of? Let us know in the comment section below if you want us to add more iOS 13 features in the article.

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