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This Techtober is All About Technology in AI, Bytes and Pixels

October 27, 2021

Techtober is the Tech fest that takes place every October in the state of Arkansas. Every year tech companies from across the nation as well as the globe line up to discuss their new launches and the future of technology as a whole. The past editions of this annual Tech fest have witnessed tech giants talking about their recently launched products and the science that went into building them. Techtober 2021 doesn’t seem to be any different. A lot is expected to happen in this edition, especially in the field of Mobile App DevelopmentAndroid Application, and iOS Application.

One of the most sought-after events that most tech enthusiasts are looking forward to is the madness revolving around Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 launch. However, it just doesn’t end there. There will be events related to Xbox Series X too.

Techtober has always been a breeding ground for innovation. This year seems to be no different too. Most of the innovations are related to mobile devices which seems to be the driving force in the world of technology. Over the years the ubiquitous smartphone has transformed the way we live our lives. With the evolution of AI and its myriad affiliates, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives.

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Google’s Pixel 6 Series

Google’s Pixel 6 series did have bit and prices of its features leaked on the net for some time and what we could see from the initial releases that there have been some capable improvements. Though there has been no official launch date mentioned, an event in Techtober 2021 is considered to be an unofficial release by many. However, putting all speculations at bay, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro did arrive with a camera that was certainly a notch better than what it previously was.

The news thus far from the event has been full of surprises and exciting releases.


Apple, as usual, has been able to garner a large number of eyeballs mainly due to the announcement is made regarding the release of the monster chips, namely, M1 Pro and Max. Apple has been working on the 14 inches and 16 inches MacBook for some time and this was the event they were waiting for, to make an announcement. One of the best aspects of the MacBooks is the availability of actual ports. The new MacBooks also sport a list of whole new features like mini-LED Display, HDMI port, SD Card slot, MagSafe for charging et al. It also dropped the touch bar for the traditional function keys.

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Samsung had the biggest splash this season after it had announced its collaboration with Maison Kitsune, the legendary fashion designer. The resultant was a smorgasbord of new colors and earbuds which squeezed out the noise forced the listener into audio heaven. Samsung had kept its announcement a secret primarily because it did not want itself to be outdone by its tech competitors.

The other tech giant which has kept its intentions perfectly wrapped is Sony. Its event is dated to be either on the 25th or the 26th. Rumors are ripe that it might be concerning their range of Experia phones but given the fact that Qualcomm has not announced any new CPU, the degree of confusion keeps getting amplified. However, that doesn’t stop Sony to innovate on the other features of its flagship phones. Whatever it might be, Sony has been a leader in the field of technology for a long time and it knows a thing or two about innovation. Those attending the Sony event are sure of one thing: That the company will never disappoint its consumers and patrons.

Other than these big-ticket events, there would be many smaller occasions too where a lot would be discussed. The world of chipsets and AI have increasingly become enmeshed and a lot more is being done in this domain than it ever was before. Techtober is a sort of event whereby the frontiers of technology are constantly being pushed. Companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, Sony are part of the larger ecosystem which is being continuously fed by innovators of all hues. The University of Arkansas is one of the members of the hosting committee and through its vast alumni network, it brings in individuals and companies from across the globe to participate, in what it calls, the best October in every year.

In the world of technology, very often, a seemingly brilliant piece of innovation is often overlooked because of the complexities involved. Hence, it is ideal for the creators to build systems that are user friendly across the board. Something as small as the Apple air pod has undergone numerous iterations before finally being able to become a constant part of its user’s profile.

Then there are unusual collaborations too. Raspberry Pi announced it would join hands with LEGO. An earlier collaboration resulted in Build Hat; an add-on that made it possible to use LEGO LPF2 devices on the Raspberry Pi. Such joining of hands is great for kids who will now have access to technology from a young age. These are transitional technology since they help kids transition from the usual LEGO electronics to a higher-capacity one.

As the event slowly unfolds, more and more inventions, releases and innovations will keep tumbling out thereby helping Techtober remain true to its vision: Of being a premier tech-intensive and related event.

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