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Why Choose Laravel Over Other PHP Frameworks?

November 11, 2021

The more beautiful a code appears, the easier it is to work with. To attain the best code possible, one of the most talked-about PHP frameworks is Laravel. You must be wondering that amongst several frameworks available, why people are so keen on working with Laravel. To put it simply, you can also ask what makes Laravel different from the other PHP frameworks. Before we get into why you should choose Laravel, let us give you a short understanding of what Laravel is.

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What is Laravel?

Developed by Taylor Otwell, Laravel is a web app development framework with an impressive and elegant syntax. When you use Laravel for web development purposes, you don’t have to think about getting messy. Yes, using Laravel is that easy! Besides, you will be surprised to know that Laravel accelerates the whole process of web development. Starting from easy coding to complex ones that can be a pain to work with, Laravel has you covered.

If you are in the web development field, you will surely know about everyday web development tasks like routing, sessions, authenticating, caching, and related others. Unfortunately, working on all these tasks sometimes gets tedious if you are not armed with the proper development framework. However, if you have the assistance of Laravel, there is no looking back!

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Features of Laravel

It is known to all web developers that there is a considerable crowd accumulated in the market of PHP frameworks. This is because everyone there is fighting to get the spotlight. The powerful features of Laravel that force people to join this crowd are as follows:

Eloquent ORM

The Eloquent ORM in Laravel has a surprise for all the users. The Active Record implementation feature of Laravel’s ORM promotes easy interaction with databases. All of these is supposed to take a considerable amount of time. But with Laravel’s ORM, everything happens pretty quickly.

Laravel MVC architecture

Being a reliable PHP framework with MVC at its foundation, Laravel promises a tight and substantial connection between business logic and presentation layers. Moreover, since it is based on MVC architecture, you can enjoy enhanced security, high performance and measurability.

Open source and wide community

In several PHP frameworks, you will find a price tag hanging from it. However, if you are looking for an affordable PHP framework that will not burn a hole in your pocket, the Laravel is by your side. It is entirely free and an open-source framework with a robust framework community that imparts more flexibility and advanced features from time to time.

Object-oriented libraries

The object-oriented libraries of Laravel are filled with compelling and fantastic features that make web development an easy process.

Blade template engine

Compared to the template engines of other PHO frameworks, the blade template engine of the Laravel is a much stronger one. This is because the primary function of the blade template engine is not to add any overhead in the web apps and not limit one from using simple PHP codes.

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Reasons to Choose Laravel

Wondering why you should pick Laravel over other PHP frameworks? Here are the reasons to hire Laravel development services in USA:

Enhances faster time to market

Laravel works on a modular basis to ease the process of common tasking. To speak in short, whatever functions and structures are there in your web development process, Laravel can work on all of them. Even if it is the latest one, Laravel has your back.

Keeps one away from technical vulnerabilities

When you are associated with a web development process, the security vulnerabilities are sure to follow. The Laravel framework can provide you with the kind of security to keep you protected from these vulnerabilities.

Presence of MVC architecture

As mentioned before in this blog, the MVC architecture in Laravel has several built-in features that you can use according to the demand of your web development process. Besides the elements, you will come across enhanced performance, better documentation, etc.

Provides better options for authorization and authentication

There are three definite processes in a complete authentication system – login, registration, and password reset. With the Laravel PHP framework, the implementation of these authentication systems becomes a cakewalk. What’s more interesting is Laravel does all of this with a single command.

Unit testing and automated feature

The outstanding testing support that Laravel provides is sure to keep your web app development free from bugs. Also, to make the whole testing featureless time consuming, automation testing support of Laravel is provided. To ease the process of testing, Laravel imitates the user’s general behavior to conduct expressive testing.


Now that you are well aware of all the positive aspects that Laravel can impart to a web development process, you can use it the next time to enjoy better working. If you are not confident enough, hiring a reliable Laravel developer will also do.

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