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February 27, 2023






Techcronus worked with this US based client to build an interface to control and manage VR Gaming Machine with 2 software applications:
1) Admin Panel to assign roles, devices and its location, games, games mapping and as well is able to monitor the payment and user gaming history,
2) VR Machine Software which controls headset motor, VR glasses and card payment to operate the machine and play games. This was a complex R&D project involving communication and controlling of various hardware devices. Techcronus delivered this project successfully by leveraging its experience in building similar complex projects.

Key Features

Admin Portal:

  • Admin can create user as well as can assign them the roles.
  • Admin can add new devices and can manage online/offline, Active/Inactive status of the devices
  • Admin can add device location for specific arcade as well as can manage the Active/Inactive status of the location for any particular device/s.
  • Admin can manage the VR game for arcade devices
  • Admin can add/modify the number of minutes to every game for which the user can play it after the successfully payment
  • Admin can assign VR game to a user/s.
  • Admin can manage the VR game mapping for each device/s.
  • Admin can manage payment methods i.e. Online payment, scanning QR code, NFC Card (Debit/Credit).
  • Admin can manage the VR game card of all the users.
  • Admin can monitor the number VR game played on a particular device and for how much time.
  • Admin can monitor the whole payment transaction for every VR game played by the users.

Game Player:

  • In the arcade, the user can view the list of VR games available in the gaming machine.
  • To play any VR game the user needs to make a payment which can be done by scanning QR code, Online payment or by NFC cards
  • After the payment is made successfully the user can access the VR controller and VR glasses to play the VR game for a defined minute assigned by the admin.
  • Once the game duration is completed, the VR controller and glasses are automatically retracted.
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