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Cryptocurrency Wallet App

This is a Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet app where you can send or receive ICOs securely. It is one of the most popular Crypto wallet apps in Europe. This app is developed using Swift for iOS Native and Java for Android Native.

Key Features:

  • Send/receive cryptocurrencies in the easiest way. Supports Bitcoin and Ether right now
  • List balance of each wallet separately in Crypto & Fiat currency with exchange option
  • Enter wallet address/scan QR code, enter amount, view fees to do a transaction. Transaction Hash for completed transactions
  • Generate new wallet address, share wallet address (QR code image, Copy text), List Generated wallet addresses
  • Secure backup and restore functionality supporting all international wallets
  • 12-24 digits seed generation for improved security
  • App Pin, System fingerprint/face unlock for added security
  • Change PIN, Change base fiat currency, Export Private Key, Export xPUB, Export Wallet Addresses
  • Supports multi-languages




iOS, Android - Mobile app

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