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Hire A Cab Passenger And Driver Apps

This is an app similar to Uber or any other cab booking applications. There are 2 different apps designed for Driver and Passenger apps. It provides a fast and hassle-free platform for passengers to find & book their rides. Drivers can use this app for finding the nearby trips and communicating with passengers.

Key Features:

  • With this app you can book a taxi from anywhere from any iOS, Android device in just a one click and in seconds.
  • The app uses GPS technology to directly connect you with a nearest driver within a range right when you need it.
  • It is designed to improve safety by allowing you to view driver’s name and rating as well as the vehicle information before a ride.
  • You can also see as the driver approaches in real time and rate him or her at the end of the ride
  • Calculate the trip fair before you start
  • Web based backend system to manage master data and cab companies




iOS, Android - Mobile app

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