Tech Trends 2020 That Can Impact Your Business

The Tech Trends 2020 mentioned below has the potential to cause a sensation in the business world next year. It is essential to predict the future of business since entrepreneurs would make strategies based on that. If you own a company and worried about the same, have a look at the significant technological factors in a trend that are sure to impact the business world in 2020.

1. Increased use of 3D printers to print prototypes

3D printers have become an exciting piece of technology seems to evolve and become famous throughout social media. It allows you to create unique objects that business people can use for potential growth. You would think this machine to be costly. The cost of this technological aspect starts at $100, and they are safe to install in the office.

Increased use of 3D printers to print prototypes

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It can change the way companies would function from the inside. That means you no longer have to depend on purchasing small aspects like a cup or other physical tools and rely on 3D printer.

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2. Advancements in connectivity due to 5G network

5G network aspect has not yet launched in the modern world, and again, it grabbed the attention of entrepreneurs around the world. The benefits would help to enhance bandwidth, but it would also increase the internet range. The technology reduces latency and transfers data at a faster rate to the other party.

Advancements in connectivity due to 5G network

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Among the list of The Latest Technology Trends, the 5G network is only powerful enough to improve IoT device efficiency. This also increases business communications for you. The areas that can be affected because of the 5G network in 2020 include medicine, information technology, banking, and artificial intelligence.

3. Mobile commerce, social commerce and digital payments

Most users have been using E-Commerce Technology with one finger typing on the screen of the phone. The use of mobile E-Commerce has enhanced to the most significant degree, and you might believe in shopping through online websites, and not going to buy offline.

Mobile commerce, social commerce and digital payments

E-commerce facilities such as Google Wallet and Apple pay will also continue to influence the business world in 2020. This aspect has also topped the list of Web Development Trends, where the experts continue to innovate the E-Commerce system.

4. Social Media and influencer marketing

Whether you like it or not, social media has been established on a higher pedestal on the list of Mobile App Development Trends. Domination of video content on the social media platform is likely to happen next year.

Social Media and influencer marketing

Along with that, influencer marketing will also be in trend. The companies will also adopt AR in 2020. This is why you cannot ignore the existence of social media in the upcoming years concerning the business.

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5. Increased use of VR and AR in multiple applications

Slowly and steadily, virtual reality has started to step in the lives of individuals without even going through significant changes. The example is the VR option on YouTube that has changed the way one sees the visuals.

Increased use of 3D printers to print prototypes

According to IEEE member, Todd Richmond, soon enough, the mixed reality of AR and VR would happen, changing the human experience at many levels. The entertainment industry has already embraced VR, creating visual effects that weren’t possible a few decades ago.

6. Dominance of Blockchain in FinTech

In simple terms, Blockchain is records connected using a secure means such as cryptography. According to the research done by Gartner analysts in 2019, the transformation of technology due to Benefits Of  Blockchain is set to happen in the next 5 to 10 years.

Dominance of Blockchain in FinTech

As mentioned in the pic above, the business value-add of Blockchain would enhance by $3.1 trillion in 2030. Blockchain will impact industries such as gaming, retail, investment service industries, and banking in 2020.

7. Automation in SaaS using AI

Next year, the experts might be able to bring AI out using the SaaS business model at affordable prices next year. Even though AI seems to advance in the technological world today, 2020 might bring out an enhanced version of it.

Automation in SaaS using AI

Some platforms already using AI to satisfy the clients include Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and other firms. The development of AI can change the business world in many ways, by providing advanced facilities such as training videos materials and machine learning solutions.

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Tech trends have continued to impart knowledge years after another on how the technology would advance the next year. The year 2020 will bring you exciting innovations and upgrades that are certain to guide you toward growth. Such aspects include AI, AR, VR, 5G network, 3D printing, e-commerce, social media, and much more.

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