How To Make Money With Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is the most popular technology platform to make money. According to research, mobile apps have proved that they are an essential medium for most businesses, and their revenues are projected to hit $935 billion in 2023. This shows that the app market is more significant than it has ever been.

The ever-growing nature of the mobile app market has encouraged entrepreneurs to take advantage of mobile app development and earn money online. But one of the major concerns of the businesses is the measures required to start earning from a mobile application. Therefore, in this blog, we will go through some essential points that will help you learn how to make money with mobile app development.

First of all, let us learn about some of the top measures required to be taken care of to create an app that enables the app owner to earn the right amount of money.

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Top Measures Required to Make Money through App

1. App Purpose

The first and foremost thing to take care of is the purpose of the mobile app. The mobile app developer must have a detailed understanding of the app’s purpose. The developer must be able to create what the business owner wants. By understanding the project’s definition and learning about the services the app is going to offer, the developer can deliver an app that can impact the market.

2. Target Audience

Targeting the correct audience according to the project definition and creating an app based on the target audience can help you earn more money. If your app is a business app, then it becomes essential to go with a monetization strategy.

3. Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is a crucial aspect to perform as it contributes to deciding money-making app development. Knowing about your competition gives you an additional advantage in providing better services that can lead to more business profits.

4. Technologies

The technologies used in developing a money-making robust mobile application enhance user experience and stand out from the competition. Therefore, the right selection and usage of mobile app development technologies is advisable.

5. App Store Registration

After the fundamental aspects of creating an app are analyzed, you need to register your app to the app store. The two major app stores are Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The registration on either of the platforms costs you a minimum amount.

Based on the app definition and the competitor analysis, you can decide which platform will be the best suited for your app, and according to that, you make the registration. Once you are registered, you can access the in-app payment engine of the platform that enables you to earn money for the upgrades from the customers.


Now, let us understand the mobile app monetization models that can make a difference to the make money from mobile apps. The right app monetization strategy can give you great rewards.

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Top 4 Mobile App Monetization Models

1. Freemium

The Freemium model is one of the best monetization strategies for looking into different ways of earn money online without ads. If you create an app by applying the freemium strategy, then the app you provide to the users will be free, but the users will have to pay some amount of money to buy specific features.

These specific features can be a game currency, premium app content, extra lives in a game, or ad blocking. Cash of Clans and PUBG are the apps that have earned nearly 1M USD per day by applying this monetization model strategy.

2. In-app Advertising

The app owner can earn money online from the interactions on the ads displayed within the mobile app. In such cases, the mobile app will be entirely free for use, but the ads shown in the apps can make money.

3. Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a monetization model that enables apps with regular users to connect with famous brands from the same market niche. For instance, weather forecast apps rely on this monetization model to prevail in the market.

4. Subscription

Subscription is another strategy that answers how to monetize apps. This model allows the users to subscribe to your services for a week, a month, or a year. The businesses can offer multiple options to the users to subscribe and earn money from the subscriptions. This type of monetization model mainly works with cloud-based service providing apps like Netflix, Google Music, and Spotify.

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The mobile app is the future of the technological world. Every business tries to take advantage of the popularity of the mobile app and make money online. In this blog, we have seen a few measures required in the app to start earning from it, and we also learned about the top monetization models. Creating any app by taking care of the described measures and applying the right monetization strategy can help you have a profitable business.

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