How To Make Your Own Music App Like Spotify?

The advancement of technology encourages mobile app developers to create apps for various fields. One of the popular fields for mobile app development is music. Spotify, Amazon Tidal, Apple Music, and YouTube are some of the most successful music streaming services. Nowadays, mobile app developers try to adapt to the functionalities and features of these popular music streaming apps for providing an effortless user experience to their clients.

With tremendous competition in the mobile app world, every developer has to offer something unique to be better than the competitors. When it comes to Live Music Streaming App Development, there are many such apps available in the market, and these apps have a huge number of subscribers. For instance, Spotify has around 140 million people who are taking advantage of its music app services. To avail of this type of success, the developer needs to serve with unique and advanced features in their music app. Here, in this article, we will see how to create a music streaming app like Spotify.

Before going through the steps of creating a music streaming app like Spotify, let’s know more about the music streaming app.

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What is a Music Streaming App?

A music app is one that enables users to find and play any music online for free. If the user wants to download the music or get it offline, they have to subscribe to that app and pay minimum charges.

Why are Music Streaming Apps Popular?

  • Affordability
  • Quick Access
  • Social Engagement
  • Unlimited Storage

Music Streaming App Market in 2020

The music consumption pattern has changed in recent years. With technological progress, the digital market of music has seen immense growth. Music streaming apps like Spotify or Apple Music have won the battle against illegal distributions and have broken down the frontiers.

Factors to Take into Consideration While Creating a Spotify-like Music App


1. Planning

Planning is the first thing to do before starting with the music app development process. Proper preparation of the planned concept of the project is a must. This process includes competitor analysis and the planning of the process that can outrun them.


2. Finding & Selecting Tech Specialists

When the app’s vision is finalized, it is time to locate the team that will build the app. For selecting a team, there are lots of factors to take in mind. These factors are time zone differences, rates, location, language, and more.


3. Designing Like Spotify

The app development process starts here. Once the team is finalized, they can start making the wireframes for the music streaming app project. Every feature and action of the app must be straightforward and intuitive. When the user gets easy to use the app, they get used to it.


4. Decide the Platform of the App

Selecting the platform of mobile app development is one of the critical aspects. This can influence the final development cost. A native app is the best solution for developing a music app. This can make the interaction with the existing operating system an easy task.


5. License to Provide Content

When you decide to create a music app, looking out for copyrights and legal procedures is necessary. Music apps provide high-quality audio or video content to users. For this Public Performance Rights license is required.

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Top App Development Features a Music App Must Have


1. User Profile

Every user should get an authorized separate user profile. This will require various you will need various forms of login, registration, forget password along with user account creation with email or social media.


2. Search Option

The easy navigation through the top app will allow your users to search and play the songs. As a result, the developer must add filter options based on title, artists, or genre of the music and allow users to save their favorite track.


3. Notifications

A push notification can be sent to all the music app users for every latest news about their favorite music community or artists.


4. Playlists

The most noteworthy feature you can add is allowing the users to store their songs in their playlists and edit, listen, and share their playlists to their connections online and offline.


5. Offline mode

Offline mode in the music app is one of the best features that allows users to listen to their favorite songs without an internet connection. It enables users to download their audio data to the local storage of the device.


6. Recommendations

The recommendation is a feature that provides a personalized experience to the users. This feature identifies the user’s music choice by analyzing past choices and recommends similar music choices.

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Final Words

Creating live music streaming app can be an excellent choice for anyone who wants to start their business in the entertainment field. Nowadays, people like to music even when they are working. Therefore, what can better than a personalized music app. Any business startup that wants to make a music app like Spotify and grow, it can hire an excellent music streaming app development team that can fulfill all the music app requirements stated in this blog. Contact Our Experts Now!

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